About the Battery Minerals Conference

Technological advances and a new wave of government incentives are driving a potential global revolution in transport and energy storage trends. As the world’s major car manufacturers rush to build new electric vehicle fleets, demand for the commodities which make up the lithium-ion batteries which power electric cars is beginning to skyrocket. Forecasts point to increased demand over the next decade for lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, copper, manganese, tin, vanadium and rare earths, prompting a surge in investment in new projects.

Paydirt’s Battery Minerals Conference will explore the future of the battery minerals and the issues developers are likely to face as the EV revolution heats up. Investors are increasingly convinced by the demand forecasts but the unique supply and marketing characteristics of each of the commodities makes project assessment challenging compared to traditional commodities. The conference will aim to provide clarity on such issues, serving as a melting pot for the battery minerals sector, involving in-depth discussions on market outlooks, project developments, and the future of the global battery industry and technology.

The conference will provide a platform for junior mining firms to showcase their battery minerals projects to investors looking to take advantage of the EV revolution.

This event will also feature unparalleled insight into how the vagaries of the lithium-ion battery supply chain and how technological developments are likely to influence future demand for batteries and their component commodities.

The next edition will be held on 6-7 April 2022 in Perth.

Please contact Namukale Nakazwe on +61 8 9321 0355 or [email protected] for more information.

6-7 April

Pan Pacific Perth